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Passengers expect safe flight, and serenity

In order to bring them protection (in line with regulations), bring back confidence and serenity, UUDS developed range of "SafePrivacy" cabin solutions.

UUDS is recognized since 1981 for its Bio Decontamination® solutions, including disinfection, decontamination and pest control.
Thanks to its EASA DOA, POA and Maintenance organization, UUDS developed some cabin solutions to face up pandemic risks and crisis.

UUDS developed some innovative solutions to create social distance / separation, in Economic class and Business class, wich meat Medial standard, practices and operational constraints.

• All solutions are certified under EASA CS25 regulation.
• UUDS delivers to its clients: STC, or minor modification, and parts under CoC or EASA Form 1.
• All solutions are UUDS design, under Pattern.

Economic class Canopy


• Material at medical standard
• Light weight
• Easy and fast install / removal each flight

  • Economic class Canopy
  • Economic class Canopy
  • Economic class Canopy

Economic and business class seats fix or removable Divider

(Permanent install)

• Plastic, or composite divider, from transparent to opaque.
• Customized design to fit client seat types, and finish.
• Installation under service bulletin.

  • Business class - Fix divider

    Fix divider

  • Economic class - Retractable divider

    Retractable divider

  • Economic class - Retractable divider

    Retractable divider