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Living species extermination by fumigation

Capture or destruction of harmful animals (Insects, Reptiles, Spiders, Rodents).

  • fumigation
  • insects
  • spider
  • snake
  • scorpion
  • rats
Fumigation Process
Product UUDS Process Innovation

• OMS recommended

• Certified by Health and Safety Ministry

• Certified by Ecology and Sustainable Development Ministry

• Gas efficient against all insects including eggs
• Fumigation with gas : Cabin and Cargo

4 to 8 hours process depending on aircraft type

• Guaranty on result : no more living in aircraft : all insects including bed bugs and all types of eggs

• Unique process developed and certified by UUDS

pest control / Disinsectisation

Residual destruction by Micronisation® (cockroaches, mosquitoes, fleas, flies).

  • pest control
  • pest control
  • pest control
  • pest control
  • pest control
Residual Process
Product UUDS Process Innovation

• AMS and D6 certified

• OMS recommended

• A synthetic version of the natural insecticide pyrethrum

• No risk for human in case exposure

• Food contact authorized
• Residual Effect

• 30 to 45 Days Treatment depending on risk exposure

• 1h30 ground time slot

• All cabin surfaces treated : CABIN, COCKPIT, CREW REST, CARGO
COLD Micronisation®

• By mechanical fragmentation allowing an homogeneous and optimum diffusion of the product

• Portable autonomous tooling
  • Bio décontamination