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The moist depollution method to improve Environmental impact, Costs, Aircraft Aspect and Maintenance.

• AMS Airbus
• D6 Boeing
• NTO Painting OEM
  • Eco Dry Wash
  • ecoshine

Give your fleet a responsible shine

Economical responsability

• Moist depollution method during maintenance in hangar, saving of flight hours
Avoids costs of maintenance : Moist depollution method and discharge system
• Drag reduction and reduces fuel consumption
• Avoids additionnal costs of towing

Ecological responsability

96% biodegradable, non toxic and non flammable, no need of reprocessing the used water
• Anti dirtying effect : Aircraft remains clean and quantity of moist depollution method per year decreases of 40%
• Water consumption divided by 100 compared to a traditionnal moist depollution method
• No discharge on ground
   → Airfield Authorities Authorizations
   → 100% of dirt absorbed by MOP
• Guarantee that aircraft company remain conscientiously clean

Social responsability

ECOSHINE® process values the manual labor
• Ensures the continued existence of employment
• This simple process allows to hire low qualification persons in a high quality environment : EN9100

Water → 9 850 liters per water depollution method
Recycling → Water recycling system and dedicated area
Grounding Time → 70 to 100 flight hours per Aircraft per year
Cost of moist depollution method → Towing (cost and CO2)
→ Dedicated area
→ Heavy tooling for water depollution method
Anti static effect → Reduction of drag
Anti dirtying effect → Reduction of drag
→ Reduction of water depollution method frequency
Fuel consumption (flight) → 6 000 to 10 000 USD per month (Boeing & Airbus studies) and CO2

You can check behind the ecoshine® clippings booklet

ecoshine® clippings booklet